This is the evangelistic arm of the ministry.

Calling Ministry will be glad to come to your church, your city and your area to hold evangelistic meetings in cooperation with the local church/churches. Go to the contact page to request free dates and/or more information about an evangelistic outreach for your church.

It is also the mission part of the ministry. Siegfried has a vision reach the people of North Africa. From Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt to the Lebanon and Syria, there are millions of people who have not heard the message of the cross. We are not adventurers who just look for the thrill – we are willing to go and witness, one-on-one or in churches. The Gospel must be preached and we minister in cooperation with others who are “on site”. This is exciting, however costly, and needed desperately! Please stand with us to see the North of Africa saved. Changing lives in those nations may change nations and save many!