Calling Ministry is a mission organization based on 2 Tim 1:9. We are all called with a holy calling. Our first calling is reaching out to those who have not received Jesus Christ. Our second calling is teaching the body of Christ how to win the lost. Jesus has commissioned each individual to be a witness and our responsibility is to help every Christian to be a living testimony for Him. The supernatural work of the Holy Spirit must become our natural lifestyle.

The ministry is based on three elements: REACH out – TEACH Christ – SERVE God and the people to enhance the Kingdom of God.

REACH – is the evangelistic arm of the ministry where we offer the organizing of evangelistic campaigns in cooperation with the local church.

One of the targets of Calling Ministry is reaching the people of North Africa. There are only a few Christians in this area and the persecution is very real. We desire to be a helping hand to those brothers and sisters in sharing the Gospel in their cities and villages!

TEACH – this part is based on over 30 years of personal experience of which 18 years have been in close cooperation with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, the founder of Christ for all Nations.

SERVE – we also offer mentoring and coaching to churches and ministries, especially in management, leadership, intercession, evangelism, follow-up and fundraising.

We are convinced that by these means all believers will be equipped and the body of Christ built up. In this way the Kingdom of God will grow!


The Founder and President of Calling Ministry is Pastor Siegfried Tomazsewski

Siegfried worked alongside Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as his P.A. and European Director for 18 years. He has preached at large evangelistic campaigns, taught at CfaN Fire Conferences and has established ministries under Evangelist Bonnke’s leadership. This experience has given him insights into world evangelism that are not taught at any university!

Pastor Tomazsewski was born in Germany and worked in various management positions in the commercial world. He ministered as a youth pastor and elder in a church in the south of Germany for many years where he experienced great growth in the church. His responsibilities included cell groups, worship and intercession – all in connection with evangelism and outreach. He worked as a missionary in the United Arab Emirates and was ordained by the German Pentecostal Fellowship (BFP – Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden), before he was called by Evangelist Bonnke to join Christ for all Nations in 1994.

Siegfried has led many to Christ through mass evangelism and also one-on-one witnessing. His passion is to call people to the cross of Christ and impart to others the fire of God that is within him.

He has been married to Inge since 1982 and they have 4 adult children who also serve the Lord in their own callings.