I was once called to the bedside of a dying man. The couple had been married for many decades and grown old together. However the man was a very hard man, drinking, beating his wife and giving her truly a hell of a life. She was a believer and no matter what he did, she prayed for him and stood by his side. One day he got sick and couldn’t move any more, but had to lie in bed all the time. Now this would have been her chance to pay back to him. She paid him back alright; with all her love she continued standing by his side. Day after day, week after week, month after month… she washed him, changed him, moved him in the bed – and loved him. When he realized that his lost moment has come, he asked for me to come. I gladly went to him to read the bible and pray with him. To my astonishment he seemed to be so different that day. With tears in his eyes he confessed all his wrong doing, asked Jesus and his wife for forgiveness. When I asked him how this change came about, this tough old German answered with tears in his eyes: “This unfathomable love of his wife has led me to the cross”. We prayed and he went to be with the Lord.
Remembering this makes me think about our present situation. There is so much discussion going on about the refugees and I don’t want to get into any political discussion here, but share what I feel in my heart. When Jesus lived and died, he was not only loved, but also hated, persecuted, beaten and killed! Yet, he loved each one with the same undying love. When he was about to be arrested, Peter raised his sword, ready to fight and kill because of a human fire, a fervency that was not born in heaven.
The Jews persecuted those who had been with Jesus, the threatened them – and many had been killed. Yet, after the day of Pentecost, Peter did not hide or run away, but went down, raised his voice and explained the love of God – until he died.
To this day, many have shared the Gospel, been persecuted and died. The tragedy is that during all this time the devil managed to create hate against those whom Jesus loves. Things got mixed up and it turned from hating sin to hate the sinner. Well, we don’t say it, but as a matter of fact, many come from fear to furious. Instead of love we turn against the people. To me a soul is a soul, whether it is German or American, African or Asian, black or white – the same applies to their religion. A Christian that is not saved is as much a prospect of Gods love as a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other person.
Not all Christians are saints and not all Muslim are devils – as a matter of fact, NO Christian is a saint, but can be sanctified through the blood of Jesus. So can every body else!
What do you see if you talk to an Arab with a long black beard? What do you think if a woman with Burka (veil covering her face)? Have you made up your mind before knowing her or him? Is the prejudice we fight against still in your own heart or do you see a prospect of Gods love?
Think about it and decide for yourself – What would Jesus do?

Garbeage City-Egypt Church meeting