Throughout the ages mankind has been searching for God. However when Adam and Eve turned away from God, doing their own will and realizing that without Him they are vulnerable, ashamed and full of fear, God did NOT turn away, saying: “you got yourself into that mess, now see how you get out of it” – but He came down from His throne to seek and save. Adam where are you, is the cry that we hear until today.

He would have had all right to destroy, turn away… but through the Prophets of old he cried out: I have stretched my arms out to YOU! To a rebellious people. People that did NOT ask for me, did not walk in my ways, that walked away from me. Let’s be honest, who of us would do that? If someone is disappointing us, what do we do?

But that was not enough. He knew that to hear is one thing, but we need to see – so He sent His only son, Jesus Christ. Christ on the Cross is the stretched out arms of God made visible. The greatest proclamation of Gods love for YOU and me. We not only hear, but now we can see His love.

There were many people standing at the cross. They have heard – and they have seen – yet, they where lost. Only some accepted HIM as the lamb of God who died for them. So they also experienced HIS love for them.

Today you can come from hearing to seeing to experiencing the love of God for your own life!

He has still stretched out His arms for you – why don’t you reach out to Him and touch Him for forgiveness and healing. Call upon His name and you will be saved!

Joel 2:32 And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved;

Have a blessed remembrance day of Christ dying for you!

Reach out and take His hand

Reach out by Faith