When I travel in countries like Egypt and Pakistan I see a lot of destruction, result of war, fighting and the work of the devil. However, there is also a lot of brokenness in the lives of the people. No hope, depression and fear as a remainder of the long suffering, pain, persecution and killing.
When I passed this pile of bricks on my way to the first meeting, the Lord spoke to me. We may look at such a pile as junk, rubble or trash. Jesus however is the master builder and He can use those bricks to build a most wonderful temple for himself. Every person can be such a temple, if we allow Him to be the foundation on which we stand and lay hands on us to mold, form and build us. No matter how messed up your life may be, how hopeless your situation may seem or how broken you are – He can rebuild you and make out of the pile of old bricks a most precious temple to the Glory of God.

HE makes all things new