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“I am the vine, you are the branches.

He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;

for without Me you can do nothing..“

John 15:5

 Ministry in North Africa
Just in the past few days and weeks, the above scripture became so important to me again. Before telling you about our past events in Algeria etc., I must share some thoughts that are so strong on my heart.
There is a mighty difference between being “successful” and to “bear fruit”. A large tree may look beautiful, through its shadow…. but it doesn’t say anything about bringing fruit.  Fruit is the significant sign of our connection with Jesus.
The other point that moves me in this verse is the dual effective. If we are in HIM, it gives us security and comfort, etc. We feel well – or with a more up to date expression: We feel a wonderful atmosphere.
This is what we also experience in our services. People come and testify about the great atmosphere… That is good, important and should be. However, if it is ONLY the atmosphere, there is the second component missing. Not just we in Him, but also HE in us!
HE in us – a life changing situation. The creator himself, in us, with all His power, healing, wisdom… – it cannot stop with just an atmosphere, but must and will bring forth fruit.

Everything in this world that is dead will pass away, decay… – But what has been filled with life by our creator, even the smallest seed, has been made to develop, expand and multiply.
You in Him – is what I wish for you from the bottom of my heart. All His safety, security and wonderful atmosphere of His presence, to experience and to enjoy!
HE in you – will bring you forward in His will. Equipped with His power, unction and much fruit!

Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski

P.S. Remember – Without Him, we can do nothing!



„Ich bin der Weinstock, ihr seid die Reben.
Wer in mir bleibt und ich in ihm, der bringt viel Frucht,
denn getrennt von mir könnt ihr nichts tun.“
Johannes 15; 5

img_20160826_153321-2Selten war mir der obige Vers so bewusst wie in den letzten Tagen und Wochen.

Bevor ich dir vom letzten Einsatz in Nord Afrika etc. berichte, muss ich dir diese Gedanken, die in meinem Herzen sind mitteilen.

Es ist ein großer Unterschied zwischen „erfolgreich“ zu sein und „Frucht“ zu bringen. Ein großer Baum, mag schön aussehen, Schatten spenden… doch es sagt noch nichts darüber aus ob er auch Frucht bringt. Frucht ist das entscheidende Merkmal unserer Verbindung zu Jesus.

Das Andere was mich in diesem Zusammenhang bewegt ist die Doppelwirksamkeit, die wir hier in diesem Vers sehen. Wenn wir in IHM sind, gibt es uns Sicherheit, Geborgenheit, Komfort… Wir fühlen uns wohl – oder auch mit einem moderneren Wort ausgedrückt: Wir spüren eine wunderbare Atmosphäre.

Das erleben wir auch oft in den Gottesdiensten. Menschen kommen zu uns und bezeugen die tolle Atmosphäre… Das ist gut, wichtig und soll auch so sein. Doch, wenn es NUR Atmosphäre ist dann fehlt die zweite Komponente. Nicht nur wir in IHM, sondern ER in uns.

ER in uns – eine lebensverändernde Situation. Der Schöpfer selbst, in uns, mit all Seiner Macht, Heilung, Weisheit…. – da kann es nicht nur bei einer Atmosphäre bleiben, sondern es muss und wird Frucht entstehen.

Alles in dieser Welt was tot ist, wird vergehen, verrotten… – Doch was vom Schöpfer mit Leben erfüllt wurde, selbst der kleinste Samen, wurde geschaffen, um sich zu entwickeln, zu erweitern und sich zu multiplizieren.

Du in Ihm – ich wünsche es dir von Herzen, all Seine Geborgenheit, Sicherheit und die wunderbare Atmosphäre Seiner Gegenwart zu erleben und zu genießen.

ER in Dir – wird dich in Seinem Willen voranbringen. Mit Seiner Kraft und Ausrüstung und viel Frucht!




Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski

P.S. Vergiss nicht – OHNE IHN können wir nichts tun!

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Evangelism and the local Church

Evangelist Siegfried TomazsewskiEvangelism

and the Local Church

By Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski

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After my years as youth pastor, I had the privilege of working

alongside the world-renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. I

was able to watch and learn from the man of God for 18 years, ministering as an evangelist myself at our crusades or teaching at our Fire Conferences. I also did preparation for such events. All of this was always in very close cooperation with the local churches.

Many times we broke records in church unity in places where there was strife, bitterness and un-forgiveness between pastors of different churches in the same city.

In one particular city it seemed to be impossible to get the local pastors to sit at the same table because two pastors had

not spoken to each other for 18 years! The reason? Apparently

one split from the original church and started a new one with 20

people whom he took with him from the 200-member congregation

– his church grew.

When I asked the “old” pastor for the reason he did not talk to his brother, he replied that he had split his church (well, 20 is not really splitting 200). So I asked him why after all those years the one with the 20 now had over 300 and he still had less than 200! They eventually both joined in. At the end of our events all of the participating pastors hugged each other, cried and asked one another and God for forgiveness.

Since that time they meet regularly for prayer and strategicLahore altar call 10-2014 (2016_03_19 03_15_34 UTC)

planning for reaching their city.

This is only one of many testimonies that we experienced

around the world.

Now what has that to do with evangelism and the local church?


The Pastor and the Local Situation

Traveling around the world and talking to thousands of pastors I see a lot of frustration in today’s leadership. Just the other day I talked to a young pastor who was to take over an “old conservative church”, according to his own words. After 8 years he was so frustrated and said he would never again do it. Why not? He had to take over someone else’s vision (if there was a vision at all), pattern, strategy, leadership (elders) and had no personal vision, no leadership skills and no experience or mentor to help him handle the situation.


The devil uses many circumstances.

I come from a traditional church background myself and experienced many in my own ministry.

The battle between choir or hymns and modern worship songs;

the arguing between the Wednesday night bible class church group and the new cell group movement, to things that we smile about today like “is going to the beach sin”. They sound so trifling today and yet many churches have been brought to stagnation by these things.

Where I see a pastor with a vision for his church and a shepherd’s compassion for his sheep, I see situations changed. A pastor is the shepherd that has to give direction to the sheep, lead them, carry them and stand in the gap before God in intercession for them. Moses was willing for his name to be blotted out of the book of life for the sin of his people (Exodus 32:32).

Let’s be honest, who today would be willing to give up his salvation for the salvation of his people? Pastors, I want to encourage you never to give up, lead and feed, wait patiently for the sheep to follow.

Give direction and walk ahead!


The Pastor and Evangelism

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke stated many times – “a church that DSC08270

doesn’t seek the lost is lost itself”.

I can only agree with this statement. The question I asked

myself many times is why are there many churches that do not

grow? Well, there is surely many reasons, just let me give you only 3 that I find significant for church growth.



* Some churches have become modern entertainment centers and are no longer rescue operations.

We want to compete with the world in order to draw people and forget that we should set the standard for the world, not the other way around. Too often the motivation is just to keep the “flock” satisfied to stay and not really to seek the lost.


* What portion of our church is actually focusing on evangelism and soul-winning?Preaching in Papua NG

What portion does it take of our funds, time, preaching/message or each group?

Let’s be serious about this: if I had a company and only focused on the internal, on employees, building, administration, even if my product was the perfect item to satisfy human desires, but I

did not communicate with the potential customer, how in the world would he/she know about it?


What do we really do to promote the Gospel, our church, each group that we have? Do we have something to offer to the world?

If yes, well, then let’s get on with it and offer it!!! Do you offer a message of deliverance? Let your community know. Do you have a message of healing? Well, let the sick in your town know. I could go on with this almost endless list.

The problem is that the moment we start thinking about it, the devil comes with his old speech. You cannot promise something that doesn’t work in your church. Get over it, get the devil out of your mind and be concerned with what God has called you to do today. If we don’t do what we are called to do, it actually means that we believe the devil more than God!


Even if it doesn’t seem appropriate, make an altar call and in time you will see results.


* One very serious reason is a simple pioneer syndrome.

When a pastor takes over a small church, he seems to have to do everything himself, from greeting the people to leading the worship, from preaching to administration and so on.

Leadership is the gift of discipleship with the art of delegation.

We must learn to involve as many church members as possible. They need to take ownership over an area, become responsible and they will be accountable to you as the leading pastor as you are to God. Learn to trust others to do an even better job and forget your pride. You will receive more honors by doing so.

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From hate to healing

I was once called to the bedside of a dying man. The couple had been married for many decades and grown old together. However the man was a very hard man, drinking, beating his wife and giving her truly a hell of a life. She was a believer and no matter what he did, she prayed for him and stood by his side. One day he got sick and couldn’t move any more, but had to lie in bed all the time. Now this would have been her chance to pay back to him. She paid him back alright; with all her love she continued standing by his side. Day after day, week after week, month after month… she washed him, changed him, moved him in the bed – and loved him. When he realized that his lost moment has come, he asked for me to come. I gladly went to him to read the bible and pray with him. To my astonishment he seemed to be so different that day. With tears in his eyes he confessed all his wrong doing, asked Jesus and his wife for forgiveness. When I asked him how this change came about, this tough old German answered with tears in his eyes: “This unfathomable love of his wife has led me to the cross”. We prayed and he went to be with the Lord.
Remembering this makes me think about our present situation. There is so much discussion going on about the refugees and I don’t want to get into any political discussion here, but share what I feel in my heart. When Jesus lived and died, he was not only loved, but also hated, persecuted, beaten and killed! Yet, he loved each one with the same undying love. When he was about to be arrested, Peter raised his sword, ready to fight and kill because of a human fire, a fervency that was not born in heaven.
The Jews persecuted those who had been with Jesus, the threatened them – and many had been killed. Yet, after the day of Pentecost, Peter did not hide or run away, but went down, raised his voice and explained the love of God – until he died.
To this day, many have shared the Gospel, been persecuted and died. The tragedy is that during all this time the devil managed to create hate against those whom Jesus loves. Things got mixed up and it turned from hating sin to hate the sinner. Well, we don’t say it, but as a matter of fact, many come from fear to furious. Instead of love we turn against the people. To me a soul is a soul, whether it is German or American, African or Asian, black or white – the same applies to their religion. A Christian that is not saved is as much a prospect of Gods love as a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other person.
Not all Christians are saints and not all Muslim are devils – as a matter of fact, NO Christian is a saint, but can be sanctified through the blood of Jesus. So can every body else!
What do you see if you talk to an Arab with a long black beard? What do you think if a woman with Burka (veil covering her face)? Have you made up your mind before knowing her or him? Is the prejudice we fight against still in your own heart or do you see a prospect of Gods love?
Think about it and decide for yourself – What would Jesus do?

Garbeage City-Egypt Church meeting

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A new breed – a new generation!

A new breed – a new generation!

I have been in ministry for over 37 years and was raised in a Christian home. This is the background to my observations regarding the development of our Christian faith over the centuries.

From a political point of view there has been obvious decline, rejection and liberalization in most of the western world. The outlook would seem bleak, with no hope and no future. In fact, to many, response to the mission call is a waste of energy and not worth the investment of time and effort.

This is absolutely wrong. I travel a great deal and this is not what I have observed.

Let me go back to when I was a young boy at home with my parents. It was after WWII. Much of Europe lay in ruins. Cities were bombed, with many losing husbands, sons and home. There were no jobs to be had and Germany was in crisis. But this was a generation of men and women who did NOT give up. They started to rebuild – cities, hopes, and relationships. They also had a great hunger for God to help them.

Missionaries and evangelistic groups from the US came to preach, teach and reach out to the people with a message of reconciliation, forgiveness and love. My parents received Christ at an evangelistic meeting in Berlin with Youth for Christ. These precious people came from the US with music, testimonies and the word of God. Churches were built and grew strong. Outreach was a natural part of the church and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit a normal experience in people’s everyday life.

The next generation was privileged to take over what the past generation had planted and built. They continued with the same spirit they had experienced firsthand and learned from their elders. But there was a slight slowing of pace from 3 meetings on a Sunday in 3 different villages – with all expecting a different message! – and the customary meetings 5 nights a week.

This became the model for the third generation. When they took over in the late 80s, the Jesus People movement had already passed into history and people had become skeptical of many moves around the world. Young people who came out of the Jesus Movement were often criticized for not working hard enough, for making mistakes, for doing everything differently and so, by definition, wrong. It was no surprise that they lost confidence in themselves and confidence in the power of God. They had been given responsibility, but no authority. It was like a relay runner handing the baton to the next runner, but NOT letting go. It slowed the runners down and no one won.

The main focus of the church then became preserving and maintaining, instead of proclaiming. Cell groups where established, not primarily for evangelistic purposes, but to have fellowship, grow and enjoy one another. There certainly is nothing wrong with fellowship, but when people were asked to go out to evangelize and do outreach, the inevitable response was that the times had changed and outreach no longer was effective. Evangelistic efforts were minimized and reduced to what proved to be wishful thinking – one-to-one witnessing only. However, the fact was that there was no training and people were so overwhelmed by the challenge that they simply did not do it.

Wonderfully, there is also an eternal truth that cannot be disregarded. It remains a fact that the Holy Spirit has been poured out and is looking for empty vessels, men and women, boys and girls – people who make themselves available for HIS purposes.

Through outpourings like Toronto, Pensacola, CfaN Fire Conference in Frankfurt and many others, something has been ignited and has triggered a new wave. The youth of the past have become the mature leaders of today, and many are following.

Here is my current observation. For some years now I have seen this new breed, this new generation. It is a generation with a great desire to see and experience again what they have heard of.  Faith is growing in them and they go out willingly. They witness without being asked and they believe without being forced – and they are starting to experience what the Apostles experienced. There are testimonies from teenagers who go and pray for the sick on the streets and they see people healed and delivered. Drug addicts are being set free as we experienced it during the 70’s. Many other wonderful miracles happen today on our streets in Europe, all because of this Holy Spirit-driven young generation. This is what I experience and see.

This is my plea to the older generation:

Let us stop criticizing, obstructing or getting in the way of the young generation. Let us rather learn how to mentor, coach, train, encourage, disciple, love these wonderful people.

When we learn to understand, we run together, allowing the young to pick up speed, run alongside for a time and then take over the baton. The important thing is to LET GO and run behind them for a time, encouraging, cheering them on and being a role model for them of fathers and mothers in Christ!

By God’s grace we will one day finish our race. From heaven we will cheer them on, crying “Keep going, don’t give up, you will make it!” In this way, the baton will not be dropped and the past generations will not be failed.

Let us pray for our young people and rejoice when they do better than we did!

There is a mighty move of the Holy Spirit and I want to be a part – not a hindrance!

Pastor Siegfried Tomazsewski

Calling Ministry

April 30, 2015


Liebe wird sichtbar

Durch die ganze Weltgeschichte suchen Menschen nach Gott. Doch als Adam und Eva sich von Gott abwandten, ihren eigenen Willen nachgehen und erkannten dass sie ohne Ihn verletzbar sind, sich schämten und voller Furcht wurden, da wandte sich Gott NICHT ab oder sprach: “Nun habt ihr euch die Suppe eingebrockt, seht wie ihr selbst wieder heraus kommt.” Nein! Er kam von Seinem Thron herab und suchte – um zu retten. Adam, wo bist du rief er damals – und ruft er auch heute noch.

Er hatte alles Recht der Welt sie zu vernichten, sich abzuwenden… doch durch die Propheten rief er aus: Ich habe meine Arme ausgestreckt – zu DIR! Zu einem rebellischen Volk. Menschen die NICHT nach ihm fragten, die NICHT in Seinen Wegen gingen, sich von Ihm abwandten. Sind wir einmal ehrlich, wer von uns hätte das getan? Wenn dich jemand enttäuscht, wie reagieren wir?

Doch das war noch nicht genug. Er wusste dass Hören eine Sache ist, doch wir müssen sehen – so sandte Er Seinen einzigen Sohn, Jesus Christus. Christus am Kreuz sind die sichtbaren ausgestreckten Arme Gottes.  Die grösste Proklamation der Liebe Gottes zu DIR und mir.

Es gab viele die am Kreuz standen. Sie alle hatten gehört – und gesehen – dennoch waren sie verloren.

Nur einige nahmen IHN als das Lamm Gottes an, welches für sie starb. So erlebten sie Seine Liebe für sie.

Heute kannst auch du vom Hören, zum Sehen und zum Erleben der Liebe Gottes für dein eigenes Leben kommen! ER hat immer noch Seine Arme zu dir ausgestreckt – warum streckst nicht auch DU deine Hände aus zu Ihm und lässt Ihn dich mit Verbebung und Heilung berühren. Rufe IHN an und du wirst errettet werden!

Joel 3; 5 “Jeder, der den Namen des HERRN anruft, wird errettet werden.”

Ich wünsche Dir einen erinnerungsreichen Tag an dem Christus für Dich starb!

Reach out and take His hand
Reach out by Faith
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Love made Visible

Throughout the ages mankind has been searching for God. However when Adam and Eve turned away from God, doing their own will and realizing that without Him they are vulnerable, ashamed and full of fear, God did NOT turn away, saying: “you got yourself into that mess, now see how you get out of it” – but He came down from His throne to seek and save. Adam where are you, is the cry that we hear until today.

He would have had all right to destroy, turn away… but through the Prophets of old he cried out: I have stretched my arms out to YOU! To a rebellious people. People that did NOT ask for me, did not walk in my ways, that walked away from me. Let’s be honest, who of us would do that? If someone is disappointing us, what do we do?

But that was not enough. He knew that to hear is one thing, but we need to see – so He sent His only son, Jesus Christ. Christ on the Cross is the stretched out arms of God made visible. The greatest proclamation of Gods love for YOU and me. We not only hear, but now we can see His love.

There were many people standing at the cross. They have heard – and they have seen – yet, they where lost. Only some accepted HIM as the lamb of God who died for them. So they also experienced HIS love for them.

Today you can come from hearing to seeing to experiencing the love of God for your own life!

He has still stretched out His arms for you – why don’t you reach out to Him and touch Him for forgiveness and healing. Call upon His name and you will be saved!

Joel 2:32 And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved;

Have a blessed remembrance day of Christ dying for you!

Reach out and take His hand
Reach out by Faith


Auf meinen Reisen treffe ich immer häufiger Menschen mit einem Mangel an Selbstbewusstsein, welches in eine Unsicherheit führt.

Einige besuchen säkulare Seminare und kommen vom Mangel an Selbstbewusstsein und Unsicherheit zum anderen Extrem, Stolz.

Dies ist nicht was Gott für dich vorhat. Wir können mit unserer Unsicherheit zu Christus kommen. Wenn wir unsere Identität in Christus finden, kommen wir von Unsicherheit zu einem Christus-Zentrierten Bewusstsein. Darum bete ich heute – damit du dies erlebst. Dies gibt dir die Sicherheit, die nicht in dir selbst liegt, sondern in Jesus, dem Felsen der fest steht, auch in jedem Sturm! (Photos mit meiner lieben Frau, Inge, meiner Tochter Shirin und meinem Sohn, Dominic, der uns zu Weihnachten besuchte).IMG_20141227_131635 IMG_20141227_130040 IMG_20141227_125753

Bonnke endorses Calling Ministry


When traveling, I meet so many people with a lack of self-confidence, leading to insecurity. Some go to secular seminars and come from a lack of self-confidence and insecurity to pride. This is not what God wants for us. We need to come to Christ with our insecurity. If we find our identity in Christ, we come from insecurity to a Christ-centered confidence. This is what I pray for you to have. This gives you a security that is not in yourself, but in Christ the rock that never moves nor changes!

IMG_20141227_125753 IMG_20141227_130040 IMG_20141227_131635